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vCenter collection failed alerts post-upgrade to vRLI 8l1

VMware Community - Pi, 04/24/2020 - 01:34

Since updating to vRealize Log Insight v8.1 from v8.0 I'm seeing a daily "vCenter collection failed" alert. The vCenter Server in question is running v7.0 GA (VCSA), and despite the error, data is clearly being collected as I can see it in the user interface.


If I browse to the Administration -> Integration -> vSphere pane, all the details for the connection appear correct and the Collection Status is Collecting (with a green tick). ESXi hosts are also configured and log data being received. I've tried removing the connection and re-adding it, which works fine, but the daily collection failure alert is still received.


I took a look at the appliance logs and see the following output in /var/log/loginsight/runtime.log at the time the alert is raised:

[2020-04-23 22:14:14.377+0000] ["Streaming RPC Cancellation Manager Timer"/ WARN] [com.vmware.loginsight.commons.rpc.cancellation.StreamingRPCCancellationPolicy] [Q-Token expired: 18d03a097850e150] [2020-04-23 22:14:14.377+0000] ["Streaming RPC Cancellation Manager Timer"/ WARN] [com.vmware.loginsight.commons.rpc.cancellation.StreamingRPCCancellationPolicy] [Q-Token expired: 629e527ebf3d756e] [2020-04-23 22:14:14.377+0000] ["Streaming RPC Cancellation Manager Timer"/ WARN] [com.vmware.loginsight.commons.rpc.cancellation.StreamingRPCCancellationPolicy] [Q-Token expired: 255553674c96a33f] [2020-04-23 22:14:24.465+0000] ["pool-10-thread-1"/ INFO] [com.vmware.loginsight.commons.security.UrlConnectionManager] [Sending 'GET' request to URL : https://<vcsa-fqdn>/rest/appliance/system/version] [2020-04-23 22:14:24.472+0000] ["DaemonCommands-thread-5651"/ INFO] [com.sun.xml.internal.ws.monitoring] [Global client monitoring disabled. https://localhost/sdk/vimService will not be monitored] [2020-04-23 22:14:24.474+0000] ["DaemonCommands-thread-5651"/ INFO] [com.sun.metro.assembler] [MASM0002: Default [ jaxws-tubes-default.xml ] configuration file located at [ jar:file:/usr/java/jre-vmware/lib/resources.jar!/com/sun/xml/internal/ws/assembler/jaxws-tubes-default.xml ]] [2020-04-23 22:14:24.480+0000] ["DaemonCommands-thread-5651"/ INFO] [com.sun.metro.assembler] [MASM0007: No application metro.xml configuration file found.] [2020-04-23 22:14:24.571+0000] ["pool-10-thread-1"/ INFO] [com.vmware.loginsight.commons.security.UrlConnectionManager] [Response Code : 403] [2020-04-23 22:14:24.571+0000] ["pool-10-thread-1"/ INFO] [com.vmware.loginsight.commons.security.UrlConnectionManager] [Processed GET request to https://<vcsa-fqdn>/rest/appliance/system/version in 106msec] [2020-04-23 22:14:24.571+0000] ["pool-10-thread-1"/ INFO] [com.vmware.loginsight.commons.security.UrlConnectionManager] [Sending 'POST' request to URL : https://<vcsa-fqdn>/rest/com/vmware/cis/session] [2020-04-23 22:14:24.662+0000] ["pool-9-thread-6486"/ INFO] [com.vmware.vapi.provider.local.LocalProvider] [call to invokeMethod for com.vmware.loginsight.api.strata.index_messages] [2020-04-23 22:14:24.662+0000] ["pool-9-thread-6486"/ INFO] [com.vmware.loginsight.commons.rpc.clientconnpool.ClientConnectionPool] [1 pooled connections to hostname:, port: 16573, service: com.vmware.loginsight.ingestion.importer.LogImporterService$Client [10 suppressed]] [2020-04-23 22:14:24.675+0000] ["DaemonCommands-thread-5651"/ INFO] [com.sun.xml.internal.ws.monitoring] [Global client monitoring disabled. https://localhost/sdk/vimService will not be monitored] [2020-04-23 22:14:24.677+0000] ["DaemonCommands-thread-5651"/ INFO] [com.sun.metro.assembler] [MASM0002: Default [ jaxws-tubes-default.xml ] configuration file located at [ jar:file:/usr/java/jre-vmware/lib/resources.jar!/com/sun/xml/internal/ws/assembler/jaxws-tubes-default.xml ]] [2020-04-23 22:14:24.684+0000] ["DaemonCommands-thread-5651"/ INFO] [com.sun.metro.assembler] [MASM0007: No application metro.xml configuration file found.] [2020-04-23 22:14:24.710+0000] ["pool-9-thread-6486"/ INFO] [com.vmware.vapi.provider.local.LocalProvider] [call to invokeMethod for com.vmware.loginsight.api.strata.flush_index] [2020-04-23 22:14:24.796+0000] ["DaemonCommands-thread-5651"/ INFO] [com.sun.xml.internal.ws.monitoring] [Global client monitoring disabled. https://localhost/sdk/vimService will not be monitored] [2020-04-23 22:14:24.798+0000] ["DaemonCommands-thread-5651"/ INFO] [com.sun.metro.assembler] [MASM0002: Default [ jaxws-tubes-default.xml ] configuration file located at [ jar:file:/usr/java/jre-vmware/lib/resources.jar!/com/sun/xml/internal/ws/assembler/jaxws-tubes-default.xml ]] [2020-04-23 22:14:24.805+0000] ["DaemonCommands-thread-5651"/ INFO] [com.sun.metro.assembler] [MASM0007: No application metro.xml configuration file found.] [2020-04-23 22:14:24.900+0000] ["DaemonCommands-thread-5651"/ INFO] [com.vmware.loginsight.daemon.CommandManager] [configureHosts took 0.43497276 seconds] [2020-04-23 22:14:24.934+0000] ["pool-10-thread-1"/ INFO] [com.vmware.loginsight.commons.security.UrlConnectionManager] [Response Code : 200] [2020-04-23 22:14:24.934+0000] ["pool-10-thread-1"/ INFO] [com.vmware.loginsight.commons.security.UrlConnectionManager] [Processed POST request to https://<vcsa-fqdn>/rest/com/vmware/cis/session in 363msec] [2020-04-23 22:14:24.934+0000] ["pool-10-thread-1"/ INFO] [com.vmware.loginsight.commons.security.UrlConnectionManager] [Sending 'GET' request to URL : https://<vcsa-fqdn>/rest/appliance/system/version] [2020-04-23 22:14:24.999+0000] ["pool-10-thread-1"/ INFO] [com.vmware.loginsight.commons.security.UrlConnectionManager] [Response Code : 403] [2020-04-23 22:14:24.999+0000] ["pool-10-thread-1"/ INFO] [com.vmware.loginsight.commons.security.UrlConnectionManager] [Processed GET request to https://<vcsa-fqdn>/rest/appliance/system/version in 65msec] [2020-04-23 22:14:25.519+0000] ["PersistentNotification-thread-20"/ INFO] [com.vmware.loginsight.daemon.notifications.PersistentNotificationQueue] [Sending notification 'vCenter collection failed triggered at 2020-04-23T22:14:25.001Z [2020-04-23 22:14:25.519+0000] ["PersistentNotification-thread-20"/ INFO] [com.vmware.loginsight.notifications.EmailNotificationProvider] [Sending email notification] [2020-04-23 22:14:25.521+0000] ["PersistentNotification-thread-20"/ INFO] [com.vmware.loginsight.commons.email.Mailer] [Attempt to send html e-mail (given token=WH2aoI) from: 'loginsight@<domain>' to: '<alerting-email>' with subject: 'Log Insight Admin Alert: vCenter collection failed']


The HTTP 403 response from the /rest/appliance/system/version endpoint seems particularly relevant? If I make the same request manually using the same credentials as the vRLI server is using to connect to VCSA though, I get the expected response, so I'm not sure what's going on here.


Is this a known issue with vRLI 8.1? I updated it around the same time as VCSA to 7.0 (from 6.7), so possibly it's specific to VCSA 7.0 support? Any advice/ideas appreciated!

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Office 365 - Shared Computer Activation - Horizon

VMware Community - Pi, 04/24/2020 - 01:09

I have a strange issue that I've been unable to solve for weeks now and hoping someone on here can help. The short version is I have Office 365 installed with Shared Computer Licensing enabled in the XML file on my gold image which is deployed to several pools. I also have persistent VDI's only in Vcenter direct connecting, not going through horizon. The horizon non persistent machines cannot activate office and get a token, but the persistents can no problem. I've done a lot of troubleshooting and research including a ticket with Microsoft and have narrowed it down to this. Microsoft is saying that on my horizon VDI's Office only gets as far as our on prem AD and not out to the internet to continue activation. Both non-persistent and persistent machines are on the same segments. What difference (firewall maybe?) is there when it comes to activating office while going through Horizon and Vcentre? Obviously more jumps are made when going through horizon then just direct connecting. I'm also pointing the tokens to a network share. Any ideas? Will supply anymore details you need.

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NVMEof Datastore Issues

VMware Community - Pi, 04/24/2020 - 00:59

Hello, We are testing NVMEof with esxi 7. I am having issues getting the device to be recognized. I am using mellanox connectx-4 cards. I am attempting to access a nvme device as a test. I am able to discover the controller in the vmware interface.


The namespace tab also shows the correct disk size and name. 750gb in this case


on the paths tab the following shows up:


Runtime Name: vmhba67:C0:T1:L0

Target: Blank

Lun: 0

Status: Dead


Below is the test config from the linux server. Anyone have any suggestions for next steps for troubleshooting? /dev/nvme0n1 is a freshly erased nvme drive.





modprobe nvmet

modprobe nvmet-rdma

sudo /bin/mount -t configfs none /sys/kernel/config/

sudo mkdir /sys/kernel/config/nvmet/subsystems/PSC

cd /sys/kernel/config/nvmet/subsystems/PSC

echo 1 | sudo tee -a attr_allow_any_host > /dev/null

sudo mkdir namespaces/1

cd namespaces/1/

echo -n /dev/nvme0n1> device_path

echo 1 | sudo tee -a enable > /dev/null

sudo mkdir /sys/kernel/config/nvmet/ports/1

cd /sys/kernel/config/nvmet/ports/1

echo | sudo tee -a addr_traddr > /dev/null

echo rdma | sudo tee -a addr_trtype > /dev/null

echo 4420 | sudo tee -a addr_trsvcid > /dev/null

echo ipv4 | sudo tee -a addr_adrfam > /dev/null

sudo ln -s /sys/kernel/config/nvmet/subsystems/PSC/ /sys/kernel/config/nvmet/ports/1/subsystems/PSC

sudo mkdir /sys/kernel/config/nvmet/ports/2

cd /sys/kernel/config/nvmet/ports/2

echo | sudo tee -a addr_traddr > /dev/null

echo rdma | sudo tee -a addr_trtype > /dev/null

echo 4420 | sudo tee -a addr_trsvcid > /dev/null

echo ipv4 | sudo tee -a addr_adrfam > /dev/null

sudo ln -s /sys/kernel/config/nvmet/subsystems/PSC/ /sys/kernel/config/nvmet/ports/2/subsystems/PSC

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Change Desktop size limit

VMware Community - Št, 04/23/2020 - 23:47

I set the Desktop size limit to 300mb and now I want to change it to 500mb but I've been looking for that setting and I can't remember where it is . I am pretty sure it's in the GPO and not the UEM/DEM but I can't remember where. Thanks.

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move-vm script placing port groups on wrong adapters for VMs with multiple nics

VMware Community - Št, 04/23/2020 - 23:41

Hi Friends,


Trying to write a script to move VMs in mass from one vcenter to another using the vm-move cmdlet. It works great excepts on Vms with multiple nics. It is not associating the correct port group of the DVS to the correct Nic.


foreach ($vm in $sourcehostVMS)



$networkadapters=Get-NetworkAdapter -vm $vm

$networkadapters | Format-Table -AutoSize


$sourcePortGroup=($vm | Get-VirtualPortGroup).name


$destinationPortgroup=Get-VirtualPortGroup -Server $destinationvcenter -Name $sourcePortGroup

$destinationPortgroup | Format-Table -AutoSize



$SourceDatastore=(get-vm $vm -Server $sourcevcenter | get-datastore).name

$destinationDatastore=(Get-Datastore -Name $SourceDatastore -Server $destinationvcenter).name


Move-VM -VM $vm -Server $destinationvcenter -Destination $destinationhost -Datastore $destinationDatastore -NetworkAdapter $networkadapters -PortGroup $destinationPortgroup



This is the output prior to actually running the move-vm command. For example the vm-net-853 is getting associated with NIC 2 instead of 3


Name              Type    NetworkName     MacAddress        WakeOnLanEnabled

----              ----    -----------     ----------        ----------------

Network adapter 1 Vmxnet3 Corp|DB|DB-Back 00:50:56:be:ff:eb             True

Network adapter 2 Vmxnet3 vm-net-438      00:50:56:be:9a:dc             True

Network adapter 3 Vmxnet3 vm-net-853      00:50:56:be:e2:f6             True



Name            Key             VLanId PortBinding NumPorts

----            ---             ------ ----------- --------

Corp|DB|DB-Back dvportgroup-153        Static      8      

vm-net-853      dvportgroup-17         Static      512    

vm-net-438      dvportgroup-16         Static      1024


Any help is appreciated

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Cant get upgrade from windows 7 (VM on externaL SSD) to 10 to run to completion

VMware Community - Št, 04/23/2020 - 23:18

Does anyone know how to restart a failed upgrade installation please?


I have 7 installed on an external ssd which keeps disconnecting while upgrading. It's that puny USB-C socket on my macbook which seems very unstable and it also keeps disconnecting while trying to install 83 windows updates, so this doesnt appear to be anything to do with the upgrading process from 7 to 10. 


Anyway, now,  the windows 10 install wont restart, suddenly reporting not enough space on the C drive!   Has something on the update filled up the C drive?               T he upgrade process takes effect from WITHIN the 7 VM so I am not sure why it matters that there is supposedly no space on the C drive?

For some reason, I can't just copy the 7 VM to the computer and try from there. The copy function doesnt seem to work. It starts to copy the vm to my computer, I can see the VM appear in the folder and stops within a half a second and disappears (which appears to be nothing to do with file permissions on the VM file)

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Diskpart.exe command not working using powercli

VMware Community - Št, 04/23/2020 - 21:06

I am trying to extend windows hard drive using diskpart utility via powercli but it hangs on 2nd command shown below.


1) Invoke-VMScript -VM $vmname -ScriptText "ECHO RESCAN > c:\DiskPart.txt && ECHO SELECT Volume C >> c:\DiskPart.txt && ECHO EXTEND >> c:\DiskPart.txt && ECHO EXIT >> c:\DiskPart.txt" -ScriptType BAT -GuestUser $GuestUser -GuestPassword $GuestPassword


2) Invoke-VMScript -VM $vmname -ScriptText "DiskPart.exe /s c:\DiskPart.txt " -ScriptType BAT -GuestUser $GuestUser -GuestPassword $GuestPassword


Is there any workaround for it or any other utility I can use to extend hard drive using power cli.

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SSDs not recognized on esxi 7.0 install

VMware Community - Št, 04/23/2020 - 20:42

Any ideas why these SSD drives are not recognized during the 7.0 install?


First disk (Samsung):

Part Number           MZ7LH250HAHQ

Model                     MZ-76E250


Second disk (Samsung):

Part Number           MZ7TE250HMHP

Model                     MZ-7TE250


Third disk (PNY):

Model                    PNY CS1311


It did recognize a Seagate 4TB hard drive but I want the install to the small ssd drive.




FWIW, They were all recognized by 6.7U3.

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VMware ESXi 7.0.0 build-15843807: -flat.vmdk files are read locked when a snapshot is taken

VMware Community - Št, 04/23/2020 - 20:21

We have detected that on ESXi 7.0.0 build-15843807 -flat.vmdk files are locked for reading even though the VM is running on top of a snapshot.


[root@wxpmk:~] cat /vmfs/volumes/data/CentOS-7.2/CentOS-7.2.vmsd

.encoding = "UTF-8"

snapshot.lastUID = "13"

snapshot.current = "13"

snapshot0.uid = "13"

snapshot0.filename = "CentOS-7.2-Snapshot13.vmsn"

snapshot0.displayName = "1"

snapshot0.createTimeHigh = "369657"

snapshot0.createTimeLow = "387876330"

snapshot0.numDisks = "1"

snapshot0.disk0.fileName = "CentOS-7.2.vmdk"

snapshot0.disk0.node = "scsi0:0"

snapshot.numSnapshots = "1"


[root@wxpmk:~] dd if=/vmfs/volumes/data/CentOS-7.2/CentOS-7.2-flat.vmdk ibs=1 skip=0 count=1

dd: can't open '/vmfs/volumes/data/CentOS-7.2/CentOS-7.2-flat.vmdk': Device or resource busy


Nonetheless when we query the file lock info, the file appears as: lockMode: Read-Only


vmfsfilelockinfo -p /vmfs/volumes/data/CentOS-7.2/CentOS-7.2-flat.vmdk

vmfsfilelockinfo Version 2.0

Looking for lock owners on "CentOS-7.2-flat.vmdk"

"CentOS-7.2-flat.vmdk" is locked in Read-Only mode by host having mac address ['00:0c:29:d5:ea:36']

Trying to use information from VMFS Heartbeat


Host owning the lock on file is, lockMode : Read-Only

Total time taken : 4.1909195680054836 seconds.


We don't know if this is the intended behaviour or it is a bug, as there seems to be some contradictions in what we could find out so far.

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New Research from Nexthink Finds Employees Are Losing Two Work Weeks a Year to IT Downtime

VMblog - Št, 04/23/2020 - 19:56
New research by Nexthink finds that IT challenges and poor digital work experiences are costing businesses tens of millions of dollars in lost work... Read more at VMblog.com.
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Help needed in writing powercli code to add shared pci device on Virtual Machine

VMware Community - Št, 04/23/2020 - 19:38

Need to automate process to add pci device on VM where I can pass argument as vgpu profile

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Unable to connect the MKS: Could not connect to pipe \\.\pipe\vmware-authdpipe within retry period when trying to access it from outside the network.

VMware Community - Št, 04/23/2020 - 19:23

Hello all.


I am trying to access my VM from outside the network. This is a home lab kind of environment. I want to install ubuntu, but I need access to the console to do so. This is proving to be difficult because I keep getting the error above when I am trying to access the remote console for my guest OS.


I appreciate all your help.


I'm using ESXi 5.5

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One Identity Partners with HashiCorp to Bolster DevOps Security

VMblog - Št, 04/23/2020 - 18:16
One Identity announced a partnership with HashiCorp. With the integration of One Identity's privileged access management (PAM) Safeguard for... Read more at VMblog.com.
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Trying to add array to ESXi VM, 'select' grayed out

VMware Community - Št, 04/23/2020 - 18:14

I'm totally new to VM.  Have a new HP server with two raid arrays and 20 cores.


Have created two VM's, both using disk storage from Array1.  Need to add Array2 space to SQL server vm, however when I edit and try to add existing array the 'select' button is grayed out.


Also, next week we'll be getting server# two, an identical HP server for Exchange - how do I add the new server to the first ESXi


I like what I've seen so far



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Missing Datastore from ESXI 6.7

VMware Community - Št, 04/23/2020 - 16:53

Hi All,

Hoping someone can help me.

This is my setup. HP Server running ESXI from an internal 32GB SD card and local storage configured as my datastore.

I initially upgraded my ESXI from 6.5 to 6.7. During the setup I chose 'Upgrade' and not "Install'.

The Install itself went fine, no errors during the upgrade, server rebooted only to not boot any of my VM's.

I logged in to have a look and noticed that my datastore was now missing. The internal HDD's are detected (refer to pic) however, no datastore (refer to pic).

Now since ESXI is not installed on the same disks as my VM's.. I thought obviously something went wrong during the upgrade. So I performed the upgrade again, only this time during the setup process I chose 'Install' instead of 'Upgrade'. I didn't think this would be a problem because the ESXI hard disk and the datastore hard disks are separate disks.


Again, install went fine. No issues, no errors.. however I still cant see my datastore. Can anyone point in the right direction as to what is going on?

I haven't created any new datastores, I have re-scanned for any datastores that may be detected, all to no avail.

I have the data that was contained within my VM's, I just dont have the VM's themselves and I would really prefer to somehow get the datastore and the VM's back, rather than creating new VM's.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Renaming a Linux Server not only in VCenter but *also* at the OS level

VMware Community - Št, 04/23/2020 - 16:23

I've got a bunch of new Red Hat 8 systems running open-vm-tools.  As part of a migration from RHEL6 to RHEL8, we have created new RHEL8 systems with the same names as the old RHEL6 systems and appended "-new" to their names.  The IP addresses, host  names, VLAN, etc are different on the RHEL8 systems.


I know how to rename the new systems in VCenter but I have not been able to find out if it's possible to rename the OS files as well.  I know I could use open-vm-tools with Anisible to clone the RHEL8 systems to *yet again new* systems with the proper names, ips, etc, but is there a way to tell open-vm-tools to re-run the configuraition?  I've run the Ansible module vmware_guest and have successfully reconfigured the hardware but I've not found a way to reconfigure the underlying OS files w/o cloning the RHEL8 into new systems.

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All gain, no pain cloud migration roadmap: 10 topics to consider BEFORE you migrate your VMware workloads

VMblog - Št, 04/23/2020 - 16:23
"No pain, no gain." We hear this popular exercise motto used in reference to cloud migration. The benefits of cloud are crystal clear. But the... Read more at VMblog.com.
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Announcing: New VMware Skyline Findings and Recommendations

VMware Community - Št, 04/23/2020 - 16:10

The VMware Skyline team is excited to announce several new Findings and Recommendations now available. You will see the new Findings when you log into Skyline Advisor if your environment is vulnerable to any of these issues. The new Findings are categorized by the following:


  • VMware Security AdvisoriesWe continue to include Security Advisories to alert you to objects that are vulnerable to known security risks.
  • Technical Support Trending Issues – Alert you to top issues based on our analysis of common Support Requests opened by customers.
  • vSphere Storage – Alert you to potential issues that could arise due to deviation from vSphere storage best practice findings.
  • Skyline Health for vSphere Alignment – Ensures that vSphere Findings are available in both Skyline Advisor and Skyline Health for vSphere.
  • Skyline Health for vSAN Alignment – Ensures that vSAN Findings are available in both Skyline Advisor and Skyline Health for vSAN.
  • Horizon Findings - Extend the available Horizon findings for customers.


Visit the Skyline blog to see a complete list and additional details of the new Findings.

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Exclusive Networks and Tintri Team Up on 'Intelligent Infrastructure' Partner Opportunities Across EMEA

VMblog - Št, 04/23/2020 - 16:10
Exclusive Networks today announced its pan-EMEA distribution agreement with Tintri, which covers the vendor's entire portfolio of intelligent... Read more at VMblog.com.
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Change ForgedTransmits for VDPortgroup

VMware Community - Št, 04/23/2020 - 15:33

I'm trying to change the ForgedTransmits for VDPortgroup without success



PowerCLI C:\> Get-VDPortgroup | ?{$_.IsUplink -eq $true} | Get-VDSecurityPolicy


VDPortgroup                    AllowPromiscuous MacChanges ForgedTransmits

-----------                    ---------------- ---------- ---------------

AFA_vds-DVUplinks              False            False      True



PowerCLI C:\> Get-VDPortgroup | ?{$_.IsUplink -eq $true} | Get-VDSecurityPolicy | Set-VDSecurityPolicy -ForgedTransmits $false

Set-VDSecurityPolicy : 23/04/2020 16:57:33      Set-VDSecurityPolicy            Cannot complete a vSphere Distributed Switch operation for one or more host members. vDS operation failed on host lab.domaine.intrne,  got (vmodl.fault.HostCommunication) exception. vDS operation failed on host lab.domaine.intrne,  got (vmodl.fault.HostCommunication) exception

At line:1 char:69

+ ... | Get-VDSecurityPolicy | Set-VDSecurityPolicy -ForgedTransmits $false

+                              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (:) [Set-VDSecurityPolicy], VimException

    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Core_BaseCmdlet_UnknownError,VMware.VimAutomation.Vds.Commands.Cmdlets.Policies.SetVDSecurityPolicy









any help please?

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